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Montpellier Agglomération area is one of the leading business gateways into European and Mediterranean markets for international companies. Located on the southern coast of France, Montpellier Agglomération is a key location for technology and life science companies planning to expand their market reach into the European market. We have helped other companies to get started on the right foot. How can we help you?

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Here is your guide through all the questions that you need to ask before considering setting up a business in France. By clicking the above blue tabs, you will get the keys to finding the answers you need, along with useful addresses and helpful hints to learn how to land softly in France.

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The French-European market might be very different from your home market. We'll help with everything you need to conduct market research, generate revenue and localize your products and company. If you intend to start developing your business here, one of the first things to do is to establish local presence. We are ready to work with you, carefully respecting your budget constraints, to set up a virtual or full home office in our brand new, centrally located, Montpellier International Business Incubator (MIBI) facility.

Why here?
Why should you choose France in the first place? 
And after deciding that France is the most effective starting point for your expansion, why should you pick Montpellier in the south of France? Read compelling arguments here!  
     We can help you apply for public and private funding: contact us Start by figuring out your requirements and then give us a call! Montpellier Agglomération manages 18 business parks, 3 business centers, and 3 startup incubators. We will help you find the place that works for you, even starting with simple postal domiciliation. Benefit from assistance for defining job profiles and recruiting applicants. Montpellier Agglomération helps you perform market research. Identify and contact distributors and sales prospects. Locate technological resources that you can leverage as part of your innovation strategy. Figure out which legal structure is best for your new organization: sales agent, commercial agency, branch office, subsidiary, etc. Familiarize yourself with French tax regulations Engage the required administrative processes in order to create your French company properly: business license, by-laws, opening a bank account, etc. Obtain necessary immigration papers (visa, work permit, prior authorization, etc.) for yourself, the person you appoint to run the French company, and your future employees. Make yourself at home in the Montpellier Agglomeration area!
DirectoryOur directory lists numerous qualified experts, who are ready to provide detailed answers to your questions.
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  Eco Infos is the local business newsletter, presenting the many facets of the Montpellier economy.
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